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10:02pm 07/10/2003
mood: grateful
Today is the anniversary of my Livejournal account. It all started with Stacee</b>! ^_^
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12:40am 29/09/2003
mood: bouncy
So this will be my last post on Livejournal for the time being. I have now moved over to Tabulas, and you should too! =P

Signup is free and you even get your own image gallery of 75 pics.

And before I forget, the address is at http://www.tabulas.com/~dracil.
02:41am 28/09/2003
mood: drained
Ack. What a long day.

So after the experiments I went to the library to work on my essay. That only went so far before I finally caved in to internet distractions. Then I headed off for Ana's 22nd bday dinner. People kept trickling in throughout the dinner at Dara Restaurant. Food there is pretty good. There music selection though, is rather odd. Chinese pop music (Jay Chow) at a Thai/Laos restaurant? Sorta ruined the atmosphere.

Went to kaishiounashiDave's place to print out my M&M coupons.

Then I got back and.... got sucked into some long discussions about girls and sex with my roommates. Seems like boogypiggyChester has never taken any sort of sex ed class so he had a lot of questions.. -_-

Then I decided to check out what Tabulas was all about. And I think I am probably going to be moving there soon. Sure, technically my OCF account will still give me even more (total) control of my site, but.... dealing with b2's constant updates/hacks and mysql databases is a bit of a turnoff. Maybe I'm just lazy. But between Tabulas and Livejournal, well, Tabulas gives me near total control of my layout and it has Javascript! That means I can add more stuff that I couldn't before. Two things will suck though. No Semagic-like client for Tabulas yet, and I lose my nice mood pics.

Anyway, that sucked out the remaining 3-4 hours of my time, thus I didn't finish my essay as planned. My tabulas account is at.... you guessed it, http://www.tabulas.com/~dracil.
03:26pm 27/09/2003
mood: okay
So experiment is over. I got $12.75, which was more than what most people seemed to have gotten. The highest other one I saw was $12.25. I saw some $11. I think I heard someone got only $8.

A far cry from the $15 "average" promised. I think my group was more antsy because we started 45 minutes late, thus people were selling faster than they might have done otherwise. Sucky. Too bad the people showed up. Or we could've gotten an extra $5 for cancellation of the first experiment.
01:56pm 27/09/2003
mood: devious
Since I'm waiting for more people to show up to the experiment...

So magicrealmShen deleted his two self-incriminating replies to my comment in this post. But I'm not letting him get away that easily.

Comment 1, which he deleted and replaced with comment 2:
don't you dare! leave that up to me.

but before i do that, i would need to know if she already have a bf. get
ready for some actions initiated by me this weekend.

Comment 2:
leave that up to me! i'll do something out of the ordinary/atypical soon.

And just in case, I've saved the entire post too in case he tries to delete or edit it. You have 34 hours left.
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02:15am 27/09/2003
mood: productive
My board game wishlist! Probably one of the only wishlists I'll ever make. Only other stuff I'm generally interested in are games (most can be gotten for free), and computer hardware (WAY too expensive, unless you feel like spending several hundred dollars). Books I like, but I don't really have time to read. The only thing about the board games is that several of them are out of print.

Finished reading, which means I'm caught up in pretty much all my reading. Now if I can miraculously write all 5 pages for my Japanese History class in 1 day, I'll be very happy indeed.
01:14am 27/09/2003
mood: drained
Because of Tomodachi, now I wanna watch JDramas. Good place to get them is http://encodes.free.fr. Good place to find out about them is http://www.jdorama.com. Currently getting Shotgun Wedding and Home & Away. This'll probably replace Last Exile and Scrapped Princess, both of which are almost over.

So finally did one complete trial with a mouse, who was generally too scared to do much with the novel objects. Experiment also ran into more problems because it wasn't setup correctly. But it should be working correctly now. Lots of cleaning mouse crap between each track. Fun. I wish they'd just let it all out in one go.

Then went by Gaia to do a bit of studying, then went to dinner with chkim918Juny at Mandarin Garden. Free dinner in exchange for the ticket. She didn't like the food that much. I thought it was ok. Then went to see the drumming, during which I nodded off several times. Didn't see anyone from BST. Lots of half-naked guys with muscled bodies. magicrealmShen would've been happy there. ^_^ We left at the encore, got boba (bah, The Old Teahouse actually charges sales tax for their drinks. So I'll be going to Mandarin House for my boba from now on), went back to her place to get my stuff, and then I went off to check the mice again. Door 3 was stuck open, but that was fixed. Might cause problems over the weekend though.

Having a card key (albeit not mine, won't be getting it for a week or so) to the Northwest Animal Facility just feels SO much different than having a card key to Soda. It feels.... more prestigious. The former involves security guards, biohazard rooms, and possibly very sensitive research data. The second one is probably just afraid you'll steal their servers and limit the free printing. =P I'd take a picture of the cute little mice, but we can't even do that either.

Got that free Billy Graham book. Or rather, it's not his book, but from his "library selection" series. The book is Slaying the Giants in Your Life by David Jeremiah. It's basically a self-help book from glancing through it. No price tag on the list though, so dunno if it's sellable. If not, probably Bookcrossing time. Oh yeah, still need to sell off that Christian Science book.

20 more pages of reading before I can sleep.
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12:03am 26/09/2003
mood: relieved
FF7 sequel as movie - Advent Children

Reminder to self. If I decide to go for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, it's from November 1 to December 30, and it's online only at www.dvlottery.state.gov. Before that, must check with SISS to see if this will jeapordize future F-1 or H-1B application.

Yay, econ experiment on Saturday. 1:30, can't be late. Bring pen and $2 in case they need change. S300T Haas Computer Room.

PGE $49.75 + SBC $29.65 + $83.83 = $163.23 / 3 = $54.41

After much communication with various people, ticket problems for tomorrow's performance was solved. First chkim918Juny didn't wanna go, then found out Sophia had a ticket 'cause Diana didn't wanna go. After I'd bought her ticket, they both reversed their decisions and wanted to go. Guess it all works out in the end.

Beautiful Life at the Tomodachi showing was nice. Will probably continue to go to the later showings.
02:00am 25/09/2003
mood: okay
Speakeasy rebate printed on Sept. 19th. 7-10 days till we receive the rebate.

$16 for August 14 experiment still not received.

I'll write bills owed by roommates tomorrow.

Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom Part 2 is out!!! Get it at www.videogamedc.com

Judge blocks the Do Not Call list. Since the Direct Marketing Association wants so badly for YOU to have the right to call THEM anytime you want, might as well exercise that right by dialling 1-800-969-6566 for FREE. Oh, and do it from a pay phone. Not only does that prevent them from harvesting your phone number, but they have to pay extra charges. Heck, you don't even need to talk to them. Just leave the phone hanging.

I mean, are these people idiots or what? What's so bad about not calling the 50 million people who're just going to say "NO" to them?

Counterattack: Kazaa sues RIAA

RIAA sues the wrong person

Not only did the RIAA not issue an apology, but they in effect said that they reserve the right to make the same mistake again. As someone on Slashdot said, this is equivalent to saying "Sorry I pushed you down the stairs, but I reserve the right to do it again!"

Research didn't go too well today. The program was not setup properly, so it's been delayed till Friday.
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11:05pm 23/09/2003
mood: predatory
My pristine schedule has been defiled! Research on MWF for 2 hours after class, and I need to go back at Friday 10PM and Sunday 4PM to make sure the mice are not dying an excruciating death in the mazes. Yes, the maze is set with fun traps to punish the mice for mistakes. Heck, they might get punished regardless. ^_^ Did I mention the small black mice are really cute? They even hang upside down from their cages. They're smaller than the hamsters I used to have, and I think they'll even fit in my mouth! Oh, the thought! ^_^

Took a long time to set up schedules too, especially since two of us don't have card keys yet.

Finally have almost all my books. Now I just need to read read read. Worked on HW with Rebecca and Andrew for a couple hours today.
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10:04pm 22/09/2003
mood: okay
Another dead light bulb. Good thing magicrealmShen had an extra one when I came home.

I took at look at the bowl with the bones from the chicken from the mid-autumn festival at Karen's church. There was a lot of mold. Like half the bowl was mold. Didn't wait to admire the view as I quickly dumped it and went to wash it. Probably will not be using the bowl until I wash it many more times. Caught a whiff of the smell once too. Extremely nauseating.

Professor had trouble with his Mac in class. First he had trouble booting it up, then he had a little trouble opening the lecture slides up. Then the two mics went dead, one after the other.

Because of the heat, I escaped into Soda after class. Because of the AC, it's usually pretty cool (almost cold) in there. Managed to answer quite a few study questions for Psych 126 in the meantime.

Updated the info bar on the right.

I can get both my books tomorrow. And research is gonna start.
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12:52am 22/09/2003
mood: thoughtful
367 days and 6 hours ago was the last time I talked to Jenn on AIM (according to my AIM+ History). I had become just another one of her casualties. On the other hand, over the year, she became unexpectedly useful by serving as a conversation piece and tool for bonding between her other ex-friends.

One of the reasons I was attracted to her was probably because of the number of similarities that I felt I shared with her. And perhaps for this reason, when ties were severed, it gave me another goal in life: to try to become better than her, especially where I had seen similar weaknesses. So while I became a "pseudo-enemy" to her like the others, she became what is probably my first rival.

Thus, curiously enough, I might need to thank her one day.
10:31pm 21/09/2003
mood: chipper
mukuro_Novem has a Livejournal!

New ljwin32_semaSemagic client!

Did I mention I like beating the system? What system and how? Well, if I divulged the info, then the system might change and I might no longer benefit. =P

I really like Day After Tomorrow's music.

And R.O.D. TV!!! Harry Potter reference!
09:39pm 21/09/2003
mood: amused
$1M keyboard

Looks like they messed up. :lol:

And don't overlook the review.

Best.Anything.Ever, September 19, 2003
Reviewer: An electronics fan from San Diego, CA United States
I purchased this keyboard on a whim and man was it the best million I've ever spent. THIS KEYBOARD CURES CANCER. It has a button on it that summons Jesus to come and talk to you. WARNING: Don't play BF1942 with Jesus; has the walk-on-water hack. He can also fly and see through walls. This Keyboard changes the oil in your car and makes a killer rump roast. It can also potty train your dog and your kids while serving up SoftServe ice cream (vanilla only as of this writing).
01:08am 21/09/2003
mood: content
Game night today.

Peter came by at 6:30. Then attempted to entertain him for several hours while my roommate's friends were still eating. Finally got to play 5 player Puerto Rico. boogypiggyChester won again. >_< I blame magicrealmShen. =P Then we played Bohnanza. This I won. My roommates got last place though.
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05:16am 20/09/2003
mood: drained
Looks like Sean is in Sweden!

Bought pocky.

BST game night... Bohnanza,. people still didn't get. People really should stop being so impatient and listen to the rules first. Guys won in Taboo. Finally beat boogypiggyChester at 3 player Puerto Rico. 70 to 51 to 50 (Me, m00nieFang, and boogypiggyChester respectively).

Then played way too much Jedi Academy. Should sleep now.
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11:50am 19/09/2003
mood: amused
Funny very non-PC movie. http://homepage.mac.com/gillian_tan/iMovieTheater33.html

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Speaking of which, Leon has a link to a Pirate discount card in his AIM profile. Good for Berkeley people.
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12:26am 19/09/2003
mood: annoyed
Got Trillian Pro 2.0 today. Unicode, yay!

Ok, I'm starting to get slightly ticked off by guys who are really obsessed by how good-looking a girl is. Especially today at that VSA game night thing. One of the guys there kept telling me how I'm supposed to go after good-looking girls and how there were no really good-looking girls in the room, etc. He also said that all he wants is that the girl is good looking and "doesn't treat [him] like shit". Nothing else matters. I mean, I understand how guys are attracted by physical apperances, but this is really going too far. Look at yourself! Before you go judging an entire room of girls as being not good enough, why not take a good look at yourself and see if you're so hot yourself. Pass your own criteria first! I seriously really hope that males in general don't really have that simplistic a view and are only doing it for show.

Another thing that he annoyed me with even more than the previous annoyance was his disrespect to people in relationships. He found absolutely nothing wrong with going after a girl and breaking up the relationship. "It's competition," he claims. And even marriage is not inviolable to him. Only when kids are involved will he stop going after the girl.

I countered his argument that guys only go after good-looking girls by asking Nick (who was playing Backgammon with Han at the time) whether or not he goes after goes mainly for looks, and he said no. And he already said Han had the same views as me, so it was 3-1. Later, when I was exasperated by their distractions from Puerto Rico (Han was still playing backgammon with Nick), and the guy was talking to a girl called Erin (and trying to find out her info), I think the girl asked what we were doing, and I responded that Han was being distracted by backgammon, and the guy was being distracted with girls and he said "only cute girls" and looked at Han and said "Not her" and then looked at the girl he was talking to and said "Not her." He realized his error several seconds later. The girl left shortly after.

Oh, and if you're wondering, he's referred to as "the guy" not 'cause I'm trying to protect his identity, but 'cause I forgot (or never learned) his name. I really hope he was only trying to be witty and cool (unsuccessfully). If not... -_-

Edit: The name's Nhan, and I received confirmation that he really believes what he was saying. Eep?
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09:51pm 18/09/2003
mood: disappointed
Eh... disappointed by VSA's game night. Too many people = chaos = short attention spans = extreme annoyance by me. Didn't even get to finish either game that were started. By the end, I became rather anti-social and left when they did some group singing game. This also makes me less enthusiastic about tomorrow's BST game night... If the same thing happens... I don't think I'll ever go to any student organization's game night anymore.

Probably should've gone to the Beijing Punk Rock thing instead.

After I get home, I'm gonna need to make sure there's nothing missing or damaged.

At least Han said she'd go to the next game night I had and learn how to play Puerto Rico properly.
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01:41am 18/09/2003
mood: embarrassed
Oh, shoot, just realized I misplayed one of the rules of Bohnanza. Whoops. That kinda nullfies my last win, although I'm pretty sure we all broke that rule. The rule is, if there's only 1 bean in the field, you can't harvest it. No wonder we were getting full harvests so easily.