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My pristine schedule has been defiled! Research on MWF for 2 hours after class, and I need to go back at Friday 10PM and Sunday 4PM to make sure the mice are not dying an excruciating death in the mazes. Yes, the maze is set with fun traps to punish the mice for mistakes. Heck, they might get punished regardless. ^_^ Did I mention the small black mice are really cute? They even hang upside down from their cages. They're smaller than the hamsters I used to have, and I think they'll even fit in my mouth! Oh, the thought! ^_^

Took a long time to set up schedules too, especially since two of us don't have card keys yet.

Finally have almost all my books. Now I just need to read read read. Worked on HW with Rebecca and Andrew for a couple hours today.
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