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28 August 1982
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Born in Taiwan. Raised in Thailand. Went to an International School (American System). In the US for college. Global Nomad as a result (read: I don't belong anywhere). Major in Cognitive Science. A moderate with slight leftist leanings, both politically and economically. An introvert complete with the requisite strong AT Field. However, when I'm feeling open, will talk about stuff that makes the average person uncomfortable. Likes debating about religion. Proclaimed liberal Catholic, but partial to Agnosticism. Believes Atheism is as much a position to be defended as Theism (If you say Atheism arises from lack of evidence for Theism, then I say Theism is the lack of evidence for Atheism). But these are the Weak positions, but even Weak Atheism and Weak Theism relies on an assumption of what we view the default as. Only Weak Agnosticism requires no Faith. Theistic Evolutionist (do not confuse this with Intelligent Design). Anti-Creationist. Occasionally arrogant. Sadistic.